Sam and Rowan started playing music together when they met at college in Brighton.

"It must have been during the summer months, around 1997."
"We formed a close friendship and understanding and it lead to us writing some songs, forming a band (The Lemon Tree Escape) and playing the local pubs/clubs around Brighton."

Sam left for University in Manchester and they took a bit of a break.

"Towards the end of Sam's time in Manchester we started writing songs together again and thought we'd give it another shot. We did a few gigs when we hooked up with Akoustik Anarkhy under the name Datura Dream."

After moving in together in South London, they played a load of gigs as a duo, taking the name Sam and Me. They supported some decent bands along the way - Alfie, Feist, Lone Pigeon, The Longcut, Nine Black Alps, Art Brut, The Maccabees, The Kooks - and released their first single 'Sonic Boomerang' in 2005.

At this point, the boys felt they needed a band to develop the songs in the way they imagined.

"We started as a slim-line duo, expanded at one point to a bloated sextet, and finished up as a svelte and buoyant quartet, at which point we began work on the album."

They invested in some equipment and met up with Dan through a mutual friend; he beguiled them with remixes and plausible but ultimately improbable advice, and eventually they joined forces.

And Mitch was a chance MySpace meeting of kindred spirits via the Atlantic;

"He loved our music, we loved his."
"Although Mitchell is based in Minnessota, he comes to stay with us and write and record his parts."

"We started putting more time into recording and less in to gigs and it started to pay off when we finally got some decent recordings with the arrangements we've always had in our heads but haven't been able to hear until now."

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