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* Compilation album *
[added 18-October-2012]
The Story So Far... 2003-2007 [rar / 97.16mb]

A compilation of everything we released up until the album. There's even a couple of previously unheard songs that we've dug out of the vaults. 'We Killed the Wasp' was written around 2005 although we never finished or gigged it. And 'Instrumental 2' was a demo from around 2006/07 we think.

* Demo *
[added 7-July-2008]
Dr. Gigi [mp3 / 5.83mb]

Here's a demo of old live favourite Dr. Gigi (from 2004)

* Demo *
[added 26-September-2007]
Something I Can Give [mp3 / 6.45mb]

* Demo *
[added 30-January-2007]
London [mp3 / 7.04mb]

* Demo *
[added 3-October-2006]
Everything Is Yours [mp3 / 7.04mb]

* Cover *
[added 30-May-2006]
Crying At Full-Time [mp3 / 8.62mb]

A cover of one of our favourite songs by one of our favourite bands

* Demo *
[added 14-March-2006]
Hopscotch [mp3 / 4.51mb]

* Demo *
[added 14-March-2006]
Ice Is Melting [mp3 / 6.70mb]

* Cover *
[added 21-December-2005]
Angel in the Snow [mp3 / 3.17mb]

Sam and Me cover Elliott Smith's beautiful 'Angel in the Snow'

* Single *
[added 17-December-2005]
Sonic Boomerang [mp3 / 6.70mb]
The Path [mp3 / 6.27mb]

The debut single, now available to download at high quality

* Remix *
[added 19-September-2005]
The Path (Remix) [mp3 / 3.21mb]

The Path remixed by our good friends Rob and Ade

* Single *
[added 14-February-2005]
Ex's [mp3 / 4.99mb]

Download only single

* Demo *
[added 16-June-2004]
Find Your Feet [mp3 / 7.97mb]

* A Demonstration *
[added 25-November-2003]
Daisy Chain [mp3 / 6.46mb]
Green Fingers [mp3 / 4.08mb]
The Path [mp3 / 3.81mb]

The original Sam and Me demo